On June 15th Locksmith unleashes his collaborative project with Detroit beatsmith Apollo Brown titled,”No Question”. During a recent tour stop in New Haven, In. , I had the opportunity to talk with the Richmond,CA. emcee about the new E.P., working with Apollo, & Tour life.

So you got a new project with Apollo Brown coming out called “No Question”.

Locksmith:”Yea man…”

How did you and Apollo link up?

Locksmith: “Uhm, so I was obviously a fan of Apollo. He’s super dope even before I got a chance to meet him. Incredible producer, super talented…I was aware of his work for a while. His team actually, the record label Mello Music, had reached out to me like,”hey are you interested in working with Apollo doing some stuff together make possibly an album or project?” I was like “yeah”. Uhm, but that was a couple years ago and I think the timing I was working on something, he was getting ready to finish something and put something out. So we was like “ok let’s do it” but the timing didn’t work out and then fast forward to earlier this year I was working on some new music and I just reached out to Apollo directly to maybe get some production and he was like ,”yo Lock I want to do a project with you.” And I was like “yea, let’s do it!” So after that, I mean literally it was a matter of maybe 3 weeks. I flew out where Apollo’s from, we recorded the whole thing in a week. Just vibed out man. I mean lyricism, beats. You know I already know what Apollo can do, so it was easy for me to just go out there and just let the music dictate the flow, the lyrics, and just really focus on the substance and the concepts of the songs”.

Speaking of the concept, what is the concept of “No Question”?

Locksmith: “Uhm, it’s really really…. I feel like there’s no overall conceptual album. I feel like each song has its concept depending on the beat. But it’s really just a marriage of, I feel like I’m entering the top of my prime of lyricism and I feel like Apollo is a titan in production in Hip-Hop especially for people who crave Hip-Hop with substance. You know what I mean? So I feel it’s just a great marriage of dope ass lyrics, dope ass producer, and a dope ass emcee. You know what I’m saying? But, every song has substance, you know what I’m saying? I don’t wanna give too much, but I want the music to kinda like speak for itself let the people kinda interpret that for themselves.”

Any favorite songs that the fans should be checking for?

Locksmith:”Uh, man….. there’s a song called,”Between the rain drops.” Uhm, there’s a song called,”Back in my element” and there’s a new song that we got coming out called,”Litmus.” Yea, those are probably my 3 favorite. It’s only 8 tracks so it’s a short E.P. but it’s like packed with substance.”

Dope. So what can we expect after this project from you?”

Locksmith:”Uhm, you’re just going to expect more hard work man. I just love music man, I love Hip-Hop, I’m in love with this bro. I love coming out performing. Coming out to places like this (New Haven,In.) touching people, seeing people I’ve never seen before and uh winning them over. Being able to connect with fans that are already familiar with me and win over new people. And that’s my goal in life is to spread message, spread positivity, and if I can inspire and motivate other people.”

So, how’s tour life been treating you?

Locksmith:”Tour life is great man, it’s crazy this tour is like 6 weeks long maybe a little over 6 weeks.Then after that I have like less than a week off, I’m going to New York to do some promo with Apollo and then I’m going to Canada for a month. So I’m going to be basically busy until July, mid July. But I love touring man, the only thing I love about being home is being in my space and creating. You know what I mean? Because it’s a little bit hard, I’m getting used to it now being able to create and write on the road. But I’m most comfortable being in California and being in my own space kinda like blocking certain things out. So I miss that about being home but when I’m at home I’m like,”Oh” I get antsy, I get anxious, and I wanna get back on the road. But when I’m on the road, I wanna go back home. But this tours been super fun and it’s my second time headlining, going out as a headliner and every time it’s growing. You have no idea what it’s going to be like. We’re in New Haven,In. on a Monday night and it’s like lit tho! The energy is great and I’m just like man, this is awesome so I just forward to coming back. Coming back to these towns and these cities and just growing it every time.”

I appreciate you for your time!

Locksmith:”Absolutely man!”


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