Review: Black Milk-“Fever”

Detroit Beatsmith Black Milk returns with the Focused and Expansive,”Fever”.

Not too many working artists can say they’ve worked with both J-Dilla & Jack White in their lifetime. Black Milk is one who can. The Detroit polymath returns with his sixth studio album,”Fever“, a twelve track opus that shows the Producer/Emcee pushing further into the realm of live instrumentation mixed with programmed, sample based beats. The result is a mature yet experimental work highlighted by introspective, worldly lyrics and crisp, masterful production.

Since coming into the game as beat maker (for the likes of Slum Village and Elzhi), Black Milk has not only established himself as a elite producer, he’s becoming quite the prolific rapper as well. Handling most of the rhyming duties on,”Fever” his verses touch on subjects ranging on being black in America ( on the defiant cut,”Drown”) to a torrid love affair in the Dwele assisted,”2 would try”. Both framed by the glistening guitar licks of newcomer Sasha Kaskperko among others.

It’s in the instrumentation where,”Fever” really shines. Longtime collaborator Malik Hunt is joined by a host of newcomers, including Chris “Daddy” Dave (D’Angelo,Adele,Justin Bieber) and Daru Jones (Jack White) on percussion. Add Ian Fink and the aforementioned Sasha Kaskperko on the keys and guitar, and the album boasts an all-star cast of musicians.

February has seen the release of several high profile albums, but “Fever” stands on its own as the singular work of a master doing what he does best. Don’t let this one slip through the cracks.

Review by Kendall Brown. Brown is a writer and music enthusiast from the DC Metro Area where he grew up listening to the likes of Nas & DMX. After the Diplomat Movement, he became disillusioned with the rap game as ringtone and auto-tune artists swarmed the airwaves. Taking this time to branch out into other areas of music, he circled back bringing a wider perspective and broader tastes. You probably won’t get the typical reviews when reading his work, but you can be sure they come from a simple and pure love for all types of music.

Kendall Brown


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