“Q and A” with Stretch and Bobbito. 

When Legendary Radio duo Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Garcia released their film,”Radio that changed lives” in 2015, it was received with open arms from Hip-Hop fans around the world. It was a throwback to the glory days when you were able to find real Hip-Hop on the radio in New York City in the 90’s. On May 27,2017 during Soundset Weekend, the movie made its Minneapolis debut which was followed by a “Q&A” with the WKCR (89tech9) Legends. 

The Journalist Sin-Seer: In the 8 years you guys were on radio, what was your greatest MEMORY?

Stretch Armstrong: I think you largely know our favorite moments are in the film. There are certainly other moments that resonated us but uhm,  again we did hundreds of shows and I would say at least for the first 4 years, every show was a uniquely, memorable, and exciting…just a weekly thrill. But in terms of the moments that were… 

Bobbito: You’re asking the number one moment? 

The Journalist Sin-Seer: Number one moment… 

Stretch Armstrong: For me it was probably Nas rhyming over the beat that I made. I’m not a producer, I dabbled in beat making but the fact that he was into something that I made and I was still pretty young at the time. That was pretty jazzy for me, I got to say…. 

Bobbito: Yea, I would say the O.C., Kool Keith, Pharoahe Monch, Prince Poetry, Large Professor freestyle, which is also featured in the film. We only put O.C.’s verse in the film because for us that was monumental. But that  whole entire session, Large Professor playing beats that weren’t released yet. There’s moments in the film that I recollect, but if I think about that moment…I’m right back there. Like I can see myself, on the board, I can sense the room, everything about that night. So that sticks out as my…but the Nas one is tough, they’re like right there. They’re like neck and neck. Nas, young Nas, before “Illmatic” came out, that was insane. The first time Nas came to our  show in February 1991, I wasn’t there. And here is this like,”he’s going to be the next Rakim”,” he’s going to be like this incredible M.C.”. He’s a kid, he doesn’t have an album, he doesn’t have a single, he’s just going on one verse,”Live at the Barbecue ” by Main Source. And I missed it! I was like “ahhhh”. And then he crushed it and I was yearning to meet him, experience his rhymes live in the studio not just for myself personally but for the audience as well. He wanted to come to our show like three times. The one that’s featured in the film is the third time, right before “Illmatic” came out so that was pretty special, magical if you will…. Let’s go on to the next question. Thank you for that question…. 

The Journalist Sin-Seer: Thank you! 


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