Interview: Young Roddy 

Last month I had the opportunity to talk with Jet Life/Good Sense artist Young Roddy during his first visit to Indianapolis. Right before showtime at the Emerson Theatre, Young Roddy gave me a glimpse of what’s it’s like to be a artist coming into his own….How’s Indianapolis treating you so far?

Young Roddy: Aw man, it’s dope,it’s dope. I thought it would be a little warmer coming from New Orleans man, ya dig? I had to break the jacket out and shit. But other than that it’s cool man, I fuck with it. 

No doubt. You born and raised in New Orleans?

Young Roddy: Born and Raised… 

You’ve got a good history of Hip-Hop out there. Uhm, Cash Money, No Limit, Jay Electronica, Curren$y. Growing up who were some of your biggest influences coming up?

Young Roddy: Of course everybody you just named, you know what I’m saying? The home team know what I’m saying? Cash Money, No Limit, you know what I’m saying? Rest in peace Souljah Slim. The homie Souljah Slim, ya know? Scarface, U.G.K. ya know what I’m sayin? 

So how did you get your first big break? 

Young Roddy: Shit man, just work. Finally got serious and done a project of my own instead of just being featured on one, ya know what I’m saying? And you know everything was uphill from then. 

So are you back and forth, are you in Atlanta now?

Young Roddy: No, I’m in New Orleans… 


Young Roddy: … still in New Orleans you know what I’m saying? Moving around a lot and traveled a lot, shit like that  you know? 

Right, catch us up to speed for all the new fans out there and the old fans. Take us back us back to some of your first projects up until now. 

Young Roddy: You know what I’m saying, the first project solo project,” Good Sense” 1 followed by “Good Sense” 2 you know what I’m saying? That’s for the new ones. You might know me from, “Stoned Immaculate” being featured on Spitta’s ( Curren$y) shit, ya know what I’m saying? But the newer shit is “Hood Gospel” just dropped March 3rd, you know what I’m saying? If you ain’t heard about that, go check that out. 

Cool, I know a lot of questions have been asked about your relationship with Spitta. I know you and Spitta are still cool, I know you got your own situation with Good Sense. Can you break it down, you still Jet Life or is it Good Sense now?

Young Roddy: Nah, it’s both. I’m focused on Good Sense you know what I’m saying? I’ve got a few homies that’s dope, that spit you know what I’m saying? So I’m trying to take my shit to the next level..but it’s always Jet Life, you know I’m saying?

So what’s the newest project you’re working on right now? 

Young Roddy: Aw man, you’re killing me man, you’re killing me….(laughs)

Is it a secret? (laughs)

Young Roddy: Nah, no secret no secret. To be honest I don’t have the name of it but uh, it’s coming. I stay consistent, stay working you know what I’m saying? So it won’t be too long. Like I said I just drop some shit March 3rd you know what I’m saying, so I’m going to let that breath for a minute not too long. Like a month in a half, two months and then come right back with something else. 

Where can fans find Good Sense merchandise and everything you’re working on? 

Young Roddy: Aw man, the website might be too long for me to tell ya but its on all my social media ya know what I’m saying? It’s in my bio on my Twitter, Instagram, and things of that nature ya dig man? Go support. 

Are you on tour right now?

Young Roddy: Not on tour, just spot dates. We working on tour dates and shit like that but right now it’s just grind mode. 

Anything you want to leave your new fans and old fans with?

Young Roddy: You know what it is, y’all know it’s always love coming from me y’all feel me? My homie Harp just dropped some shit ya dig? Something for y’all to check out. Ya dig? Food for thought, food for the soul. Y’all go check that shit out, it’s dope. It’s on Datpiff and my Soundcloud 


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