New Project:”Kings of NY” by DJ Keynote Speakaz. 

Producer DJ Keynote Speakaz  is a producer and a D.J. from Raleigh, NC. Born on January 29, 1997 he has been making beats since he was 10 and started DJing at the age of 13. About the album :DJ Keynote Speakaz: “My friend  told me that I should do a remix album of Nas & Jay-Z and I was like “Hell no, I ain’t doing that”. But then, when I got the acapellas from both of them , I was like “I can do something with this”. So, after blending the two MCs on my beats, I was like “I’mma drop these two albums on the same date”. So, I put “From Illmatic II Keymatic” (the Nas remix album) and “The Black & Blue Album” (the Jay Z remix album) and turned it into the double album, “Kings of NY”. Free download of these two albums at


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