New Artist Spotlight: Carita Cole 

Carita Cole is a multi-talented artist best known for her bold flavor of Hip-Hop. Having been raised in a military based family with strong religious values, her life transcends dedication and an unrelenting faith which is clearly exhibited in her music. Cole is originally from Glendale, AZ, but she has lived around the world. She currently resides in Jackson, TN where she actively engages in her mentorship programs which are positioned to encourage youth and other women to be confident and fearless. Carita Cole Ministry was founded with the mission to encourage, enlighten, and bring forth hope to the youth of today. With music, Carita has been able to reach the minds of children by impacting them with the entertaining Hip-Hop flavor that most new millennials love so well.

Cole’s natural musical talents were discovered while in elementary school. The young artist began singing and playing piano by ear at the age of 7. She worked hard to master her sound and production skills as a teen. The young maestro spent much of her free time composing and recording music in a makeshift home studio with a group of friends; Her hobby quickly became a passion. Not only does she produce and record most of her music, Carita has directed more than 20 of her own music videos. There has been a gradual merger between the culture of popular and inspirational music over time. Consequently, Carita Cole has seized the opportunity to develop a sound that breaks the traditional barriers of genre categorization. Inspirational Hip-Hop music benchmarked her career and have warranted her appearances on Bounce TV and placements in within several other digital and print media outlets. She stumbled upon a career turning opportunity after giving an unforgettable performance during a concert while on the road in Beaumont, TX; Hence, Carita’s charisma is magnetic. 

With the support of her managers Derrick Chism and Jarvis Sanders, Carita’s career has ascended with infinite opportunity. Her resume now includes the release of 2 studio albums, an exhilarating performance during the Stellar Awards pre-show in Las Vegas and more opening performances for world re-known gospel artists like Kierra Sheard and Uncle Reece. Her conveyance of lyrics and clever punch-lines reek of classic Hip-Hop with the added flavor of fresh 808 beats. This sound is mostly attractive to younger audiences. Her singles, I Ain’t Wit It, and Don’t Give Up” became campaign centered messages that are efforts of her mentorship programs. 

Carita Cole’s most recent mixtape “Hard”is a collection of pure unadulterated spoken Hip Hop. Cole proves that a pure heart and a solid mission can walk the fine line between Inspiration and Hip-Hop music. “To teach one, you must reach one”. 

Be sure to support Carita’s latest single “Royalty” Available now!!!


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