Art of Rap Festival (Tinley Park,Il.)

“Rap is something we do,Hip-Hop is something we LIVE!”  This words rang true from pioneer & host Busy Bee all night long. 

The Art of Rap Festival made its way to the Chicago area last night (8-5-16) and brought the best of the best when it came to classic Hip-Hop. It was only right that the Sugar Hill Gang kicked the show off performing a few classic records during their short set but would later reappear during Melle Mel& Scorpio’s set to perform the classics “Rappers Delight” as well as “Apache”. 

Next up, the duo from Strong Island E.P.M.D  ripped through a classic set that included “The Crossover”, So whatcha sayin'”& fan favorite “You gots to Chill”. 

Iconic pioneers Scorpio & Melle Mel took the crowd on a trip down memory lane after E.P.M.D’s set by performing “The message” & “White Lines”. 

The show kept moving as Queens,New York duo Mobb Deep hit the stage with a vengeance with “Survival of the fittest ” as their opening song. Havoc & P had the crowd in a trance as they performed songs from their classic catalogue. 

They next three acts would throw the crowd in a frenzy as Naughty by Nature put on one hell of a show performing everything from the hardcore “Uptowns Anthem” to the popular,”Hip-Hop Hooray”. Ice-T was next to last and let the crowd know quick that he wasn’t the dude from Law & Order but the Westcoast O.G. that we all loved from way back when. Performing classics like “6 in the mornin'”, “I’m your pusher”& “High Rollers” was just what this crowd came to see. Last but not least, Chuck, Flav ,& Griff “bum rushed the show ” as only they can showing the 30 something crowd that they still got it and haven’t missed a beat. Song favorites included “Welcome to the Terrordome” & “Night of the living baseheads”. It was truely a great night for hip-hop and as the great Busy Bee said,” if you are under 36 in this muthaf***** ,then you are in the wrong damn place!! 


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