J.Dilla’s mother keeps the name of her son alive & well with the opening of “Dilla’s Delights”. 

For some time now we have been hearing of a donut shop in the works in downtown Detroit.Now, this isn’t any ol’ donut shop but one that would be named after the great J. Dilla. The idea came from his second studio album,”Donuts” which was released 3 days before his death in 2006.  Everytime we would visit the city for the past few years, we checked on the status of the building only to go back home empty handed. Slowly but surely progress started picking up and earlier this year “Dilla’s Delights” had it’s grand opening. 

Located on 242 John R. St in Detroit, this place is everything I imagined full of a wide selection of tasty treats. We had the opportunity to stop by this past Sunday & participate in their Vinyl for Donuts celebration where if you brought any record in, you were rewarded with a donut of your choice. The service there is fantastic as Dilla’s uncle Herm greeted us and showed us around the shop. 

Instead of giving us a few donuts for the 4 records we brought in, he gifted us with a dozen to hit the highway with. And who was there to help out? None other than Dilla’s two beautiful young daughters to make this visit well worth the stop. 

If you’re ever in Detroit, make sure you stop by and grab a donut or two while Uncle Herm gives you a history lesson on one of the greatest Hip-Hop producers of our time. R.I.P Dilla…..


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